Kickboxing at The Colosseum: a specialized sports academy for kickbox training

Are you interested in kickboxing and would you like to try out kickbox training? The Colosseum Gym is a professional kickboxing gym and academy. We offer lessons for everyone in Holland, recreational and competitive, who wants to improve their kickboxing skills.


Our gym is based in Utrecht. As a specialized sports academy we possess professional training facilities and work with professional trainers. Interested? Then sign up for a free first lesson on our website!

Professional kickboxing at The Colosseum Gym

The Colosseum is a sports academy in Utrecht (centre of Holland) specialized in the disciplines: kickboxing, MMA and Fast Fit. Our academy is very accessible for everyone, both recreational and competitive athletes. Men or women, young or old, overweight or underweight, everyone is welcome at The Colosseum in Utrecht.


We offer kickboxing training in a professional setting, where everyone can work on their martial arts skills, regardless of their current level. Our trainers help beginners learn proper technique and fitness, and advanced fighters perfect their skills.

Why kickboxing in Holland at The Colosseum?

  • The Colosseum is a large and professional gym, with over 400 m2 and excellent training facilities;
  • We have a floor with mats, punching bags, boxing ring, a power angle and all other tools;
  • Kickbox training by professional trainers available for kickboxing in Holland;
  • Learn kickboxing like professional kickboxing legends like Peter Aerts, who is a frequent visitor at our gym;
  • The first lesson is free!

What does a kickboxing training look like?

Kickboxing is an intense fighting sport that utilizes the entire body. It requires a good fitness to keep up. The kickbox training will therefore always start with a warming up, to get you going. This helps prevent injury.


Once everyone is ready to get going we begin working on the more technical aspects of kickboxing. We focus on punching and kicking techniques and practise these in duos.


After this part we can opt for sparring with a partner, or training individually with boxing bags. The trainer will provide you with tips to further help you develop the right techniques. The training ends with a cooling down and evaluation.

Respect: an essential factor in kickboxing

To us, as a martial arts discipline, kickboxing is all about respect. As such, we always emphasize the importance of respecting the rules and the opponent during the kickbox training. Our members fight at different levels. We also strive to put our members in the ring with someone who is of the same level. Yet it can be beneficial as well to train against more, or sometimes less advanced. As long as there is mutual respect, we can learn from each other and with each other.

Interested in kickbox training?

Come kickboxing in Holland at The Colosseum, and your first lesson is free! Sign up for the kickbox training on our website. For questions please call 030 – 303 10 65.