You win without injury!

You win without injury!

This is OREC's slogan. The Orthopedic, Rehabilitation and Expertise Center (OREC) is a multidisciplinary primary care centre. OREC is located in The Coloseum Gym in Utrecht.


OREC is accessible to both members and non-members.


You can go to OREC for sports-related complaints, such as ankle, knee, back and shoulder complaints. OREC also specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, such as rehabilitation after knee, back or shoulder surgery.


Physiotherapy for sports injuries
Can't kick boxing anymore due to an injury? Or can you not practice another sport? We help you recover quickly with a structural improvement in the quality of your movement. We have innovative high-quality equipment to help achieve this goal. In addition to the general physiotherapy treatments, we focus specifically on your sport during the treatment.


Is speed and strength or endurance important in your sport? You receive customized care, appropriate to your personal situation and focused on the goal you want to achieve!


More information can be found at: www.orec.nl


Dietetics for sports injuries
Do you have questions about sports and nutrition? Then you can contact our dietician. The dietitian can help you with, for example:


  • better recovery after surgery
  • losing weight for your health and/or before surgery
  • faster muscle building thanks to the right building materials
  • diabetes
  • heart and vascular disease
  • healthy eating pattern

More information can be found at: https://orec.nl/dietetiek/


High-Quality Care
The quality delivered by OREC is partly based on 25 years of experience. Due to our active contribution and cooperation with universities, hospitals and training institutes, we guarantee quality (para)medical care. At OREC, disciplines work closely together to achieve the optimal result, because you win injury-free!


Would you like to make an appointment? Then you can by phone via: 035-5385460 or via https://orec.nl/maak-een-afspraak/