I want to come and do a trial lesson, when would this be possible?

Dit kan wanneer het jouw uit komt, check het rooster op de website voor de dagen tijden en lessen, kies er eentje uit en meld je 10 min van te voren boven bij de receptie en dan helpen wij je verder.

I want to cancel my subscription, what now?

Cancellation/deregistration can only be handled by e-mail, The Colosseum uses 1 month's notice, e-mail us with your card number and we will process the deregistration for you.

What should I do with the pass after cancellation?

If you return your pass to the Colosseum, you will receive the deposit of 5.00 cash back.

I would like to change my subscription, how is this possible?

Graag ons mailen met de wijziging en je pasnummer en dan voeren wij die door voor je.

When are there which classes on which days?

Go to our website and check the schedule there, then you will have a complete overview of our indoor and outdoor classes, which days and which times.

What are the rates and how to pay? Is this one time or every month?

The subscription costs are collected every month around 25th , you pay in advance, the rates can be found on the website under the heading rates.

Do you also sell kickboxing gloves, shin guards, bits etc etc?

Yes, of course! At my you can get everything to be able to pop well in the classes, upstairs you will find our shop.

I would like to become a sponsor of the gym, what now?

Would love to send an email to info@thecolosseum.nl.

I want to come and train via one fit, how does this work?

Check our lesson offer on the site of one fit, report your own for the lesson with us above at the reception, you show your check in and we open the gates for you so you can pop.

Which holidays are you closed?

We always communicate this via a newsletter and on social media, so make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

I no longer wish to receive a newsletter, how do I unsubscribe?

Jammer dat je geen nieuwsbrief meer wilt, mail ons en dan verwijderen wij jou.

What is the email address?

admin@the colosseumgym.com, our contact details are at the bottom of the homepage of the website.

I want to fight professionally, can I start training with you? What now?

Dit kan zeker! Wij ontmoeten graag nieuw talent… Kom langs voor een proefles in de recreanten kickboks groep op de woensdag avond, 1 van de trainers van de wedstrijdgroep geeft dan les, stel je voor en vertel over je ambitie en dan kijkt gedurende die les of je mee kan draaien met de wedstrijdgroep.

What is a free bag workout?

Dit is een training die je zelf doet dus zonder trainer, wij hebben binnen en buiten A4jes hangen met QR codes erop, scan die en doe je oortjes in en dan hoor je wat je moet doen.

What is recreational kickboxing?

Those are the lessons for everyone, with and without experience you can participate because you can do everything at your own pace, you can't just participate in a competition group.

How old do you have to be to start kickboxing? (in terms of kids)

The starting age we use is 5 years old.

What kind of classes do you have?

Check our website under the lesson offer and you will see everything.

Can I freeze my subscription if I go on holiday?

We collect every 4 weeks, so if you go on holiday for 4 weeks or longer, this is certainly possible. Send us an email with your card number and we will arrange it.

Can I make up a lesson in another week?

No, in principle not, we are open 7 days a week so allow yourself that you come and work out the numbers you have taken out your subscription to, is there something wrong that makes it really impossible, call or email us DNA and we'll see if there are any an exception can be made for you.

Can anyone participate in sparring?

Yes, we have a recreational sparring lesson and everyone is welcome, but you must have a mouthguard otherwise for your own safety.

Do I have to come and train on fixed days?

No, this is certainly not necessary, we are open 7 days a week so if you want you can be on different days every week if you want .... the only thing is if you have a subscription for 2 x a week then you really only get in twice If you want to come three times, that is of course possible, then you pay € 10.00 cash for a single lesson.

Which classes can I take?

You can follow all the lessons we offer, you are not committed to anything in terms of lessons.